26 April 2007

My first Lost music video! Plus DOC review.

After many, many hours of work, my first Lost music video is online. I hope you enjoy it.

DOC was another excellent episode in what has been almost unbroken streak since the hiatus (Stranger in a Strange Land, obvious exception). This might be my favorite Sun/Jin flashback so far, and I usually have very little interest in them. The flashbacks for the oldest characters are interesting when we get a new twist on information we thought we knew, such as the revelation that Sun's money request was what led to Jin's change of profession, or that his "dead" mother is a prostitute. This sort of "filling in the blanks" is what the flashbacks do best.

There were several important character moments. It was moving to see Sun's reaction when she learned the date of conception-- it was a death sentence, but she was so happy that the baby was Jin's that it almost didn't matter. She also pulled a Sayid on us, asking direct, important questions of Juliet and getting some honest answers. I think her distrust of Jack is a little bit strange, given that he is the only doctor (besides Juliet) and therefore it makes perfect sense for him to be asking questions about the baby, but I know they are trying to build up suspicion.

Already the most noted on the boards is Juliet's simple, yet powerful "I hate you," directed at Ben but not recorded in her report. As a huge Juliet fan, I felt this was important, because it's been fashionable to loathe Juliet like she's Satan ever since "One of Us" revealed that she is, indeed, spying for Ben. "I hate you" confirmed what I've felt all season-- that whatever Juliet does, she hates working for Ben and hates being duplicitous for his sake. Despite her impending betrayal, I see Juliet as just as much of a victim as any of the 815 survivors.

Meanwhile, things get heated between Desmond and Charlie as they attempt to save the parachutist's life, and this is where the big mythology points come in. After sleeping on it, it seems obvious to me now that the "Mikhail" we saw last night was, in fact, the smoke monster. As it has done with Christian Shepherd and Yemi, the smoke monster absorbed Mikhail's dead body in order to assume his form. The Island delivered a miracle when Desmond needed it the most-- a person with medical experience came bounding out of the jungle just in time to save the woman's life. There's no way the real Mikhail-- a man of military experience-- would not have seen the group from far away and avoided them. No, this was the Island enforcing its agenda through the smoke monster, saving the woman but also trying to keep contact with the world impossible by trying to steal the phone. Clever Island.

Then, of course, you get the biggest twist in the last ten seconds. I really wish people would stop talking about the producers' infamous "game changer" comment, as it seems obvious that every episode is going to have one for the rest of the season. This one-- didn't see it coming by a long shot. Of course, learning that the outside world thinks that the 815 wreckage was found and the passengers are dead makes everyone leap to their favorite theory-- some say they ARE dead, others that the "wreckage" site was all a ruse to fool the survivors who were being brought to the Island as test subjects, etc. I'm personally sticking with the alternate timeline theory which ties in with my general theory for the show-- that the Island exists outside of linear space and time, and therefore it can call a plane to it in one timeline while it crashes in another.

My feeling is that the Others mysteries will be largely wrapped up this season, while the parachutist and her revelation will become the focus of the next season as Lost heads into its home stretch. Finally, I should add that it makes me so happy that Locke will be back next episode! He's been missed!


Christina said...

I agree with what you said about Sun being suspicious of Jack. My dad is a doctor, so I don't mind questions.

Oooooh. Oh oh oh, the island as Mikhail! Very awesome! I love that theory!

YAY for Locke fanboying! :-D

Rosanne said...

It completely makes sense now that the island is the smoke monster... DUH!